I am very excited about 2016! God has spoken to me about what is about to happen in the church and in our world. Everything inside of me is throbbing with life….and I believe that we are on the “cusp” of the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the history of the world.

The Glory of God is about to cover the earth in a dimension never known before.
I hope you will hear my heart, for this is my story, the story of a ‘sound from heaven’ that I am hearing resounding inside of my heart.

But before I share what I am hearing the Holy Spirit say to me, I must share with you first where I have been, and how I began to hear God speak to me about what was about to take place in the world. Then, I thought, before you can understand how God spoke to me about what He was about to do on the earth, I needed to go back in my life and give you just a little “capsule” of what I have heard God say to me in over 60 years of ministry.

I have literally lived out of hearing the voice of God. Let me begin with the story:

When I was about seven years of age, I began to hear the voice of God. He told me that I was going to be a preacher and that my life would touch the world. What God’s voice spoke to me as a child just did not make sense.

First of all, everyone asked how I would ever preach with a stuttering and stammering tongue that could hardly speak in a full sentence. Preaching, according to who I was, just did not make sense, I could never preach.

But I knew it was the voice of God.

As life progressed, I graduated from Bible School and went into ministry, and I did preach, and when I did, there was no stuttering. Secondly, God told me that I would go to nations around the world and preach to thousands and I would see great miracles of healing.

In the 1930’s there was not a single healing evangelist that was reaching nations…..but I saw myself standing before huge crowds and the bind would see, the lame would walk, and the deaf would hear.

Again, the voice of God was right, all of that happened to this stuttering child that in the natural could not speak a total sentence that made sense.

Then God said, “Go to the Philippines”, and we did. However, there was not enough money to go, so I sold my car, took the money and bought one way tickets to the Philippines. It seemed to make no sense, yet we heard the voice of God….so with a ticket only one way we sailed on a 450 foot freighter for the Philippines.

When we arrived, circumstances were so wrong, we could find no one that wanted us to preach, my father became so seriously ill that it appeared he would die, but we had heard the voice of God….and we obeyed His voice.

My very sick father looked at me and said, “You are not to pray that God would give us money to buy tickets to go home to America, and you are not even to pray for my healing, YOU ARE TO PRAY FOR ONE THING…..GOD’S DESTINY IN OUR LIVES!”

Then he explained to me that God had spoken and that we would become the pastors of the largest church in our denomination, Bethel Temple in Manila, Philippines. This made no sense, neither my father or myself had ever pastored a church. Then my father turned to me and said from a his sick bed, “Tommy that phone will ring, and the voice at the other end will say that you and I are the new pastors of Bethel Temple.”

And it happened, within 30 minutes, we were chosen as the new pastors of this huge church.
You see, we had heard the voice of God, we had followed the voice of God, and everything that God said was true. That is the story of my life. It is the story of how we came to Buffalo, it is the story of how God spoke into our spirits the revival that would come in the late 1960’s and would shake a city and our church would grow by over 800 people in one week.

All because we had heard the voice of God.

Then, when I passed the torch of the leadership of The Tabernacle to Bishop Robert Stearns, God spoke again into my spirit and said, “You are about to enter your 80th year on this planet, but now I am going to release you into my greatest purpose for your life.

I will place a message inside of you that will show my people how to dream my dreams and fulfill my purpose on the earth.”

Out of that vision came two books.

The first book was entitled “How To Live Out of A Dream”. We wrote the book, traveled across America, Canada and the Caribbean and challenged people to dream God’s Dreams and change their world.

Thousands heard the word, almost 15,000 people bought the book, we appeared over national television shows and thousands more heard the word, purchased the book, and I believe that many of them will truly change the world.
Then God spoke again, we wrote a second in this series of books entitled, “Create Wealth to Build God’s Dream”.

We shared how a dream that God gave to us over 40 years ago to “speak to the dry bones of the city of Buffalo, ‘Rise and Walk Again” was fulfilled as a direct answer to that prophetic prayer. How the construction cranes came back to a city that had lost over 50% of it’s population and was truly dying, came alive again.

In that book we shared how the people of God were involved in over seventeen billion dollars of new construction that was changing our city.

But God was not through speaking to my heart. I was about to hear the voice of God one more time. As we entered the third year of the new ministry to which God had called us after passing the torch of our church, I heard His voice once again.
As I attempted to answer the large number of invitations I had received to speak at churches and conferences, I wrestled with God once more. I told him, I knew he had given me those two messages, but I can not go out this year, until He speaks to me once again and tells me what is the prophetic word you have for this year.

I told him he had extended my life, and it was now time for me, like Caleb, to take my mountain.

As I prayed, the presence of God filled that room, and once again, I knew that God was about to speak into my spirit.
It was like a marque was filled with letters as big as box cars. It was as if the biggest sound system in the world was turned on, it was as if God shouted from the housetops. I said, “God what are you saying to me?” And I heard his voice once again, it was so clear, it was so penetrating, it was the voice of my master, my king.


He told me that I was to tell the world, as he had given every person on the earth a dream, that He had a dream for the world, and I was to share with the world that yes, God did have dream for every person in the body of Christ, and that, yes, God would give the abundance of His Wealth to Build His Dream, but now I was to tell the world that HIS DREAM WAS TO FILL THE EARTH WITH THE GLORY OF GOD!

I knew at that moment that like Moses, everything that I had lived for, everything that I believed about God, every miracle that I had experienced around the world led to this moment. I was going to see the GLORY OF GOD FILL THE EARTH!

I was born for this moment, I now could look clearly at the vision I was seeing, and I could see that a manifestation of God’s Glory was about to be witnessed by multitudes around the world.

My job was now to go to the world and declare that word. So, we are about to enter 2016…..THIS IS THE YEAR WHEN WE ARE GOING TO SEE GOD DO SOMETHING HE HAS NEVER DONE BEFORE.

He is going to fill the earth with His Glory, and I must go to the nation and tell them what God is about to do. I must share with them that as I have declared to thousands of people by preaching, television shows, books that I have written, that GOD’S DREAM TO FILL THE EARTH WITH HIS GLORY IS UPON US! We are on the cusp of the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit the world has ever seen.

The scripture says, “All Israel will be saved”, and that will happen. When he told us to “disciple nations”, we are about to see whole nations turn to God, and we will truly disciple nations.

We are about to begin our 2016 GREAT AWAKENING TOUR. My heart is burning with a message of the coming revival. God is about to send the greatest spiritual awakening the world has ever seen.
I hope that I can see you this year and that you can catch the vision for what God is about to do.

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