I believe that God has given us a definitive Prophetic Word from God for this generation. That prophetic word is DESTINY! It is a word that God gave me for my life over seventy-five years ago. The word that I heard from God when I was a child was that I was born and placed on this planet for a very special reason. I knew that I had a destiny. Year after year, I discovered more of that destiny, and I am still making discoveries about myself and my destiny.

The word continues to grow.

Now, I know that in these years of my life the word that God gave me as a child for my life is the same word that God is giving me to share with others. As I had a destiny and year after year I discovered new aspects of that destiny, today I have a passion to tell every person on this planet that God has a plan, a purpose, and a destiny for their lives.

I pray that you will discover the wonder of God’s calling and destiny for your life.

When I travel from city to city, I see amazing things in the eyes of people all across this nation. I see people who have a destiny to change their world. Not just a preacher, not just an evangelist, but EVERYONE HAS A DESTINY! And so as I look out on congregations of thousands of people, I see a new world in the hearts and lives of people I speak to in every city where I travel.

I can’t wait to look into your eyes and see what God has in store for you in your future.

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