Tommy Reid began his television ministry in the mid 1970’s with a telecast on a local UHF station, channel 29 in Buffalo, New York.

He later moved his television ministry to the NBC affiliate in Buffalo, where he produced and aired a weekly half hour program called “Changing Your World”.

When cable television came to the Buffalo area, he saw the possibility that a local church could lease a daily time period on a local cable channel and program several hours of religious programing before there was a national Christian television network.

He leased a three hour time slot on several cable companies across New York state and began a state wide television network on local cable channels.  

When his friend, Garth Coonce purchased channel 49 in Buffalo, he was invited to produce a new show for the TCT network.

For over a quarter of a century, he hosted “Living Epistles”, a magazine weekly show which was aired world wide over the TCT network.  A few years ago, due to an inadequate staff to produce a high quality magazine format show, Living Epistles was canceled.

During this same time period, he also hosted a second show on the same network called “The Answer”.   After this went out of production, the TCT network continued to air previous segments of this program on a regular basis for about two years.

President Garth Coonce has requested that we again produce this show for the entire world wide network of TCT.

We have just completed the production of the first 9 broadcasts. We have production time scheduled to produce another 15 programs and when 24 shows are completed in March, they will be placed in the regular program schedule of the TCT network.

“The Answer” is a lively and in depth Biblical discussion program with two amazing panelists, Rev. William Gillison, pastor of Mt. Olive Baptist Church in Buffalo and Rabbi Frank Lowenger, who leads one of America’s most successful Messianic Synagogues.

Watch for the release of “The Answer” on the closest TCT station near you, or on Direct TV.   

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