I know when I am dreaming God’s dreams because they cause me to feel a joy that only comes from God.

I am a dreamer by nature. I know when they are God Dreams because when God Dreams become the central focus of my thoughts then God’s unspeakable joy floods my heart.

I think in dreams. Some of my dreams are exercises in futility. Oh, yes, I could reach some of them, but they will only cause me to realize how useless they are. I can dream of beautiful cars, lovely houses, spectacular vacations, or a thousand other things that are either legitimate or illegitimate goals.

Here is the difference. When dreams are self–focused and self–promotional they only bring frustration. I would rather dream of feeding the hungry rather than eating at the best restaurant in town.

 So, I ask myself the question, “What would Jesus dream about?” And then I get the real “wow” in life, because when I dream His dreams they cause a euphoria in my life that nothing can match.

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