Dreams are the language of destiny.

Joseph had a dream.  It was a dream of destiny for his life and for his world!  Joseph chose to listen to the dream, believe the dream, and pursue the dream. In spite of great difficulty, Joseph’s dream came to total fulfillment and changed the world for all of us.

When I was young, I had a dream.

In fact, I had an “Impossible Dream”.  I dreamed something that was not possible for me because of my personal limitations.  You see, I when I was eight years of age, I had a dream that I would become a preacher.

There was no way that this could happen in the natural.

I was a stutterer, and could not even give a verbal report to my second and third grade classes.   Important people told my mother to tell me that I should forget my dream because I did not have the innate talents to do what I dreamed of doing.

My mother stood on the “side” of my dreams.   She let me know that my dream was going to happen.   She believed that it would and convinced me to believe my dream.  My dream happened just as I had seen in in my spirit.

It happened because I believed.

May I suggest that you believe your dream!   God has always spoken destiny in the language of visions and dreams.  Most of the great men of faith in the Bible first saw their destiny in a dream or a vision.

Somewhere in your past, you had a dream.  

Perhaps you did not hear it or you did not believe it.  Go back to that dream and tell God that this time you will believe.  Tell him that you have discovered that He speaks destiny in the language of dreams and visions.  Tell Him that you are now “listening” to His voice.  Tell Him that now that you know that it was His voice that spoke to you a long time ago and that now you choose to hear His voice, believe His voice and to begin to take a step of faith and build His dream in the world.

All of the great men and women of scripture had a dream or a vision of destiny.   The chose to hear and listen to God speak, believe God’s voice and take a step of faith and build God’s dream on the earth.

Let me leave you with five steps:

1.     Listen to God’s Voice

2.     Believe God’s Voice

3.     Act on what God’s Voice speaks into your spirit

4.     Begin to do what God says to do and prepare to Build God’s Kingdom on the Earth

5.     Take a “Step of Faith” and do something significant to reach God’s Destiny for your life.


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