It is under the wonder of an open heaven that Abraham touched the sand and saw the stars. Like Abraham, under the canopy of heaven I can touch and see my future….so that is where I will choose to live and pray.

I love the open air. It is there that I feel closest to God. My friend, Robert Schuller and I stood on Maui under the stars and he raised his hands and said, “This is the greatest Cathedral In the world.”

I have driven a convertible for over 60 years.   The reason that I always drive an open car is because it makes me so much a part of the wonder of God’s creation.

Remember that Abraham communicated with God two ways and in two places.   First, he envisioned God’s dream while counting the starts and feeling the sand flow through his hands under the open heaven. He secondly ‘built and altar’.

 I suggest both.  Go outside, look at the stars, feel the sand flow through your hands and declare the vision of your future to God and to yourself.

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