Dream Your Destiny

is the dream of a man who believes that all of the unsolved problems of our world, including the unfulfilled task of completing the task assigned to us by Jesus to evangelize the entire world is the result of men and women who have not believed the dreams that God wrote for them before the foundation of the world.

Tommy Reid believes that we can reach the entire world with the Gospel and that we could solve every problem on the face of the planet if every man would “Discover their Destiny”. He secondly believes that God communicates our destiny through the dreams that He places in our heart.

Our mission is to help every person to whom we minister, to hear the voice of God and find their destiny.

Our Method

We will accomplish this God given mission through teaching and preaching in churches and large conferences, through writing books such as “Living Out Of A Dream”,through the development of media productions such as the docudrama produced on the life of Tommy Reid and through appearances on major national television programs.

TO CHANGE THE WORLD as Jesus changed the world by planting His vision and dream in the hearts of a few disciples. For, if we can teach you to hear God’s voice and dream God’s dream, we can be the fulfillment of Jesus Christ who dreamed of establishing the Kingdom of God on this earth.

Our mission is help you to hear His voice and dream His dreams!