I thought today about moments in my life. Destiny moments, Life changing moments, Discovery Moments.  Most of these moments were after I had taken step of faith, arrived at a new a exciting place and felt the euphoria of discovering an overwhelming emotion of the beginning of a new dimension in my life’s journey.

The first moment that I thought about was in 1959 when the freighter that had carried us for three weeks across the expanse of the Pacific Ocean to the Philippines. I remembered that it had taken great sacrifice and a lot of planning to get here.

At first I wondered why I was here and what was going to happen. Then an overwhelming sense of destiny filled every fibre of my being and I thought to myself, “THIS IS WHY I WAS BORN“.

And it was.

I was born for that moment and what that moment would accomplish in my life and in the world. I did not know that within a few weeks I would be the pastor of the largest church in my denomination, because I was here in my place of destiny.

So, my Destiny Quote of The Day” is this…..‘THIS IS WHY YOU WERE BORN’!

You are reading my words because destiny has brought you to this site to read these words.    There is a reason you are on this planet, there is a reason why your parents came together and birthed you into the world.

In the process of time you have wondered why you were born and IF you had a destiny, and if you did, would you be able to discover it.

I felt that same way the day I met Paul (David) Cho, who was an unknown young preacher when I met him in 1962. I knew at that moment that we had met for a reason.   And I heard those words again, “THIS IS WHY YOU WERE BORN”.

I felt that same way when I was chosen to pastor a church in Buffalo, New York and a few years later break ground for our first building. It was just a small, insignificant church, but I knew that I was here for a reason.  And when I walked into that finished little building I said to myself, “THIS IS WHY YOU WERE BORN”!

So many other times I heard those words.    When I stood in front of my first television camera, when I walked into the huge Catholic church in Lackawanna, New York for a huge Charismatic Prayer meeting.    When I wrote my first book and so many other books.   And then when I wrote the manuscript for “How To Live Out Of A Dream”, and it’s sequel, “Creating Wealth To Build God’s Dream”…..I heard it again, “THIS IS WHY YOU WERE BORN”!

And now as I write these words, I see you, I know you are there, I know that God planned from before the foundation of the world for you to read these words.   THIS IS WHY YOU WERE BORN!

You were born to read these words and discover your destiny….or your WHY OF BEING!

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